Seminar - "Contemporary Aesthetic Dentistry"


Ladies and Gentlemen!
We invite you to attend the seminar - "Contemporary Aesthetic Dentistry"
which will be held 28 - May 29, 2011

Lecturer: Dr. Moshe Playtman
A graduate of the University «UNITEK», Mexico.
Directs a private dental clinic in Herzliya (Israel).
Over 12 years of clinical research in the field of esthetic restorations.
Member of the American Dental Association. Permanent party congress on aesthetics in dentistry (Chicago, USA). Visiting Lecturer University of Nova (Florida, USA) and University of Unitek (Mexico).
Dr. Flaytman lectured in many countries: USA, Mexico, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Croatia, Belgium, Romania and Russia.
Dr. Moshe Playtman renowned lecturer, researcher and klitsinist Israel in the field of composite materials and adhesive systems.

The aim of the course is to provide the latest knowledge in the field of therapeutic treatment by means of aesthetic restorations, as well as understanding the choice of colors and shapes restorations.
Now, when patient demand for aesthetic restorations has increased significantly, the professionalism of doctors is of particular importance.
This course provides a broad theoretical knowledge in this area, and covers all the new items in the field of dental materials. Particular attention is devoted to new ways of processing cavities.

"Contemporary Aesthetic Dentistry
1. Adhesive systems:

• Advantages and disadvantages of the existing adhesive systems.
• Features of the application.
• Criteria for selection of adhesive systems.

2. Aesthetic restorations in the mouth.
• Features dissection posterior teeth.
• Occupational rehabilitation anatomical tooth (contact points, incisal edge).
• Finishing and polishing of teeth.

3. Direct composite restorations of front teeth (Class III, IV and V)
closing diastemata veneers.
• Principles of the color composite.
• Features of the polymerization of composites.
• Features polishing composite fillings.

4. Aesthetic restoration with the participation of dental laboratories, particularly preparation of teeth for laminates and tabs from porcelain.
• Principles of obtaining prints.
• Features fixed restorations.

5. The use of glass in direct restorations.
• Review of existing systems.
• Restoration of the missing tooth with C & B
- Anterior
- Posterior
• Use fiberglass posts for the construction of the stump.
• Guidelines for the channel.
• Technology fixation positions.
• Restoration of the broken tooth with a fiberglass grating (Net).

Cost of workshop: 16 000 rubles

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